XL Avatars Showcase Haptek Technology!
Since the first XL eLearning platform appeared in classrooms over 3 years ago, the Haptek, Inc. Avatar technology has been omnipresent. The 3D interactive avatar is a teaching assistant for teachers and a learning assistant for students. The Haptek avatars are seamlessly integrated into the XL platform and a toolkit enabling teachers and students to author instructional dialogs with the avatar makes it easy to publish interactive natural language learning objects. The avatar can also be an intelligent tutor, an administrative assistant, a research agent, a news and information reporter, and a meeting moderator. The XL avatar even interviews students and teachers, administers reading tests, gives spelling tests, reads school announcements, reads the screen as an accommodation, and helps with homework. Haptek's patented avatar technology and its Software Development Kit (SDK) are the most complete and best advanced technology avatar products available anywhere! We thank the great people at Haptek for their contributions to OpenVES and the XL eLearning platform. The Haptek products also include PeoplePutty, which allows users to create their own avatar characters and accessories. The products are described on the Haptek website: www.haptek.com. Haptek products make it possible for OpenVES to build next generation natural language, intelligent tutoring, and dialog-based educational interfaces for the semantic learning web today!

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