NASA Launches Artificial Characters into Space

SANTA CRUZ, California, April 23, 2003 - – Haptek today announced that their realistic, artificial characters with software personalities are going to be used by NASA to test ergonomics, comfort, human usability of their space vehicle designs. The Haptek virtual human software solution will be used by the Flight Software Systems Branch at NASA to simulate realistic individuals moving around in virtual environments like cargo bays and general work areas.

Haptek technology will be used in the VR lab at Langley to simulate humans working within a virtual environment so that researchers can better understand and predict problems before they occur in, for example, a space flight payload and its configuration. NASA will also use the characters in a collaborative environment where researchers can move and communicate very much like they would in the real world.

Haptek software creates photo-realistic, 3-D, full-bodied, fully automated, morphing and emotive characters in dynamic environments. The characters are non-repetitive and visually and verbally interact with the user and with one another over the Internet, in real time and at virtually any bandwidth. Haptek’s recently released Generation 4 technology leads the industry, setting a new standard for fully interactive virtual character technology.

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