Imparta Inks New Deal with Haptek for Generation 4 Technology

SANTA CRUZ, California, November 8, 2002 - Haptek, Inc. and Imparta, Ltd. (a UK-based eLearning and management training company) signed a new deal on Wednesday which will allow Imparta to integrate Haptek’s newest Generation 4 technology into all of its popular management training software. Earlier dealings between the companies had allowed Imparta to adapt some titles to Haptek technology, but increasing customer demand for online content which could match Imparta’s current CD-based products (which incorporate video and extensive animation) led the company to make a commitment to adapt all of its training technology to utilize Haptek’s Generation 4 standard.

“Haptek’s Generation 4 technology was by far the best choice to replace our interactive video (which is CD-based due to large file sizes) with a high-quality low-bandwidth alternative capable of being streamed over the Internet at virtually any connection speed, while retaining or exceeding the image quality and interactive experience that we require to fully immerse the user in the simulated environment.” said Colin Melia, Technical Director of Imparta, Ltd. (

Imparta, Ltd. is a world leader in helping companies to build individual and organizational capabilities in three high-impact business areas: strategic decision-making, marketing and sales. To achieve this, Imparta has built an organization that combines the ability to develop world-class business software with the expertise needed to deliver integrated Capability Building® programs tailored to a company’s specific requirements, combining sophisticated computer game technology and artificial intelligence with advanced workshops and leading-edge business content.

"Imparta is committed to creating online learning simulations that offer the same immersive experience as our CD-based products. We conducted a very thorough examination of all the available technologies, from streaming video to various types of animated characters. Haptek is not only the leader in its field, but also offers the best tradeoff between bandwidth and quality available on the market today," said Richard Barkey, CEO, Imparta Ltd.

Haptek software creates photo-realistic, 3-D, full-bodied, fully automated, morphing and emotive characters in dynamic environments that visually and verbally interact with the user and with one another over the Internet, in real time and at virtually any bandwidth. Haptek’s recently released Generation 4 technology leads the industry, setting a new standard for fully-interactive virtual character technology.

For more information on Haptek’s Generation-4 commercial software - please contact Jack Wiley, Business Development, Haptek, Inc. at (831) 728-0770 or by email at For more information on Imparta’s training solutions, please contact Mark Abell, Commercial Director, Imparta Ltd. at +44 (0)207 610 8800 or by email at


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