Haptek Technology Used at Tokyo Research Center

WATSONVILLE, California, October 6, 2003 - The Japanese Research Institute of Science and Technology for Society (RISTEX) is using technology designed and patented by Haptek Inc. to develop a program designed to interact with human users. The real time 3D characters from Haptek will be using Japanese TTS or recorded speech to communicate through the computer screen.

Haptek, a company based in Watsonville, California, pioneered technology that permits greater interactivity between humans and their computers. The unique focus of the innovation is based around the concept of automation versus animation – software personalities. Haptek’s technology emphasizes photo-realisms and convincing, reactive emotions - the characters are able to make the virtual world warmer and friendlier and, in the end, more engaging for all users. This is consistent with the goal of both organizations in bringing technology that considers social needs.

Haptek software creates photo-realistic, 3-D, full-bodied, fully automated, morphable, emotive characters in dynamic environments. The characters are non-repetitive and interact visually and verbally with the both the user and one another over the Internet, in real time and at virtually any bandwidth. Haptek’s recently released Generation 4 technology leads the industry, setting a new standard for fully interactive virtual character technology.

RISTEX established by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) is geared toward the solution of a wide range of challenges within the domestic community. They take from the natural sciences and the social sciences to set the foundation for their technological research. RISTEX team of researchers is committed to finding better and newer ways to influence the community of Japan and the world at large with socially sensitive technology.

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