Haptek Utility Script for 3D Studio Max

Haptek provides a set of command line tools and a 3DStudio Max scripted plug-in to assist you in the creation of accessories for use in the Haptek Player.  This will let you work directly in 3DStudio Max and export an accessory ready to be used with your character.

Note:  The utility script has only been tested with 3D Studio Max version 3.1 and version 5 but may work with other versions as well.  The command line tools do not depend on a version of 3D Studio Max.


  • Included .max file with the current Haptek Player's Head Model, lighting and camera settings as a working canvas for creating your accessories for use in PeoplePutty or with the standard head
  • Support Diffuse, and Ambient Materials
  • Supports Diffuse Map (texture map)
  • Supports Opacity Map (alpha/transparency map)
  • Make Accessories that attach automatically
  • Make Scene props that do not attach to the figure, such as chairs and trees and things. (or attach them if you want!)
  • Optionally save the intermediate files generated for the accessory, figure defs, startup scripts, Haptek models, texture maps, etc.
  • Single Button Export from 3DStudio Max object to Haptek Accessory
  • Instantly preview your new accessory using the Haptek ActiveX Player included with the Haptek Generation 4 Player install
  • Generate the .txt file used to integrate your accessory into PeoplePutty's Accessory plug in as a wig, a hat, some glasses, or whatever you want, instructions included in the readme.txt file
  • includes 3ds2hap.exe command line tool for turning 3ds formated models into Haptek formatted models
  • includes hTard.exe a command line tool for generating haptar files
  • includes accmaker.exe a command line tool for generating Haptek script files useful in making a Haptek Accessory. show, hide, delete scripts, startup scripts, and figure def  files  
  • Step by step tutorial with screenshots of how to use the 3DStudio Max script
  • Name your haptek accessory using the properties of the object in 3DStudio Max

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a screen shot of the scripted plugin panel

Note:  This will not give you the tools to do the following
  • convert a morphset to a haptek deltaset
  • create hair or cloth with physics applied. all though you are welcome to make stiff hair!
  • use specular materials
  • export an entire 3dsmax scene to the haptek player. It exports single objects at a time.