Haptek Ogg Factory

    The Haptek Ogg Factory (aka Haptek Audio Factory) lets you automatically lipsync sound files just like the theatre section of People Putty.


  • drag and drop to auto convert user interface
  • command line interface supplied for batch processing
  • generate a Haptek Phoneme file (PHN) from a WAV file. 
  • generate an Ogg file from a WAV file.
  • generate a WAV and PHN file from an Ogg file that was made from a WAV and PHN file.
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Command Line Interface
 A Command Line interface is also provide for scripting purposes.
HapOggFactory.exe [options] <filenames>
-h           pops up a help window for the command line interface
-bNNN        sets the Nominal Bitrate for the Ogg
-mNNN        sets the Minimum Bitrate for the Ogg
-MNNN        sets the Maximum Bitrate for the Ogg
-qNNN        set the Quality for the Ogg
-g-          turns phoneme generation off
-g+          turns phoneme generation on.  this is the default.
-H<filename> file containing Hint Text for phoneme generation.   the filename must not contain any spaces.
Hint File
   The Hint file is an ascii text file with no special formatting, it should contain the english typed words that correspond to what is said in the WAV file.  This provides hints as to what is being said in the wav file and can generate better PHN files.   Hint files should have the .hnt  extension. If there is a .hnt file in the same directory and with the same name as a WAV file, it will be used as the Hint file.