KATE brings together the advanced Instant-Messaging system from Sonork and the lifelike avatars from Haptek. In addition to the usual IM features, KATE gives you a living, winking, breathing custom avatar which speaks the messages coming and going. You design your 3D face by choosing from several shapes and skins included with KATE, or, using PeoplePutty you can build an Avatar which looks exactly like you or any other character you want!


- Using an SAPI tts engine, your character reads the text you type for you, and you'll see incoming messages spoken by the sender's character.

- Change your avatar's skin, shape, voice and background while chatting.

- Automatic animations & moods for all your favorite emoticons, such as : ) , ; ) , rofl and others you haven't even thought of before.

System Requirements:

To run KATE, you will need both the Haptek Player and Sonork.
(They're free, and included in the Full kate download.)

To get the most out of KATE, you'll also need a SAPI-compliant text-to-speech(tts) engine.

If you don't have one, you can install these two English downloads:

    1. Microsoft's SAPI 700 KB

    2. Microsoft Voice Pack 7.5 MB

    You can get other languages here.

Download KATE here! 2.6 MB
(includes Haptek Player & Sonork Client)

Or, try an alternate download:

(no Haptek Player or Sonork Client)

Small KATE


(with Haptek Player & Sonork Client)