PeoplePutty is now available on CD! To order a copy on CD, e-mail You may also download PeoplePutty. Due to the size of the download (about 40 megabytes!), we recommend that you buy PeoplePutty now only if you have a fast internet connection, or know how to appropriately download huge files via an analog modem (instructions here). If you do get PeoplePutty now, and get stuck with a download problem, registered users will be able to buy a CD for shipping and processing costs (about $5).

The licensing model for PeoplePutty ties one serial number (which you receive upon purchase) to one computer. If you need to change your computer (or format your hard disk), you can contact Haptek and we will be able to re-license you right away. We are trying to protect ourselves from piracy, not make you guys sweat! The copy of PeoplePutty you receive is not the same as a demo that everyone could download from our site. We ask that you please not share your copy of PeoplePutty as if it were free. We want to continue to bring you the best autonomous virtual character technology for the lowest prices, but we need your help!

Before you order PeoplePutty, be sure to look at the license agreement, as well as the system requirements.

Click Here To Order and Download PeoplePutty