The Action (or Theatre) section of People Putty is where everything comes together. Record your own voice (or use any sound clips you have lying around) and watch as your character instantly lip syncs your words. Send your character moving across the screen, changing shape and expression as it goes. Alter the background, change the lighting: you're the director and your characters are your stars. If you want to see examples, just look at the top of your screen (be sure your computer meets the requirements and you've downloaded the Haptek Player first), and poke around the rest of the Haptek website.


People Putty also lets you place any character you build on a website of your own, where it will happily live out its days talking to and interacting with anyone who visits your page.

Have your characters speak instant messages using Haptek and Sonork's KATE (download it, it's free!). Even more uses are on their way. Haven't you always wanted a virtual you? Click on one of the links below to try out or purchase People Putty.