True seekers of spiritual enlightenment have long known that thinking for yourself only leads to confusion, disillusionment, sexual hyperactivity, and, ultimately, death. Only through the surrender of the ego, and the acceptance of a higher wisdom can true enlightenment be found. But surrender is a risky thing. There are so many who claim to have the answer. How can I be sure that Baba Dim Sun is in fact The Perfect Master? How can I be sure that His is the One True Path?

The answer is simple: You are powered by a flesh-encased ooze of gurgling, rotting compost sludge. The Perfect Master is powered by an invisible stream of pure electric energy. The temptations of the flesh can never tempt The One Without Flesh.

Accept His Essence into your computer, and Baba Dim Sun will manifest Himself as a 3-D vision upon your screen, emanating goodwill in real-time. Witness this astounding physical manifestation for yourself by simply purchasing VirtualFriend 2 (it comes with a whole bunch of other characters to play with, too!)

Or, click this image to download some groovy wallpaper: